History & Objects

A sense of history is far more than just blind adherence to traditional customs, texts or objects. And value is more than an appealing exterior. Quality is often present between the lines as an invisible connection that allows tradition to live on and generates new meanings and contexts.
Taking responsibility for fostering and shaping vibrant traditions is our most important goal. It was this that inspired the idea of the Trachten-Kontor. Its range of jewellery, silverware, fashion, accessories, books and stationery is based on historical models. Unlike many museum shops, these are not replicas but modern interpretations that remain true to the spirit of the original. This is a major challenge to which we have been able to rise, thanks to our collaboration with some of the best craftspeople, master workshops and companies from the network of the Centre for Traditional Costume of the Administrative District of Upper Bavaria.

You will find detailed information about the products in the Trachten-Kontor's online shop.
And if you’d like to drop in during our opening hours we’d be delighted to see you.

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