Collectors’ Items in Print

The Centre for Traditional Costume’s of the Administrative District of Upper Bavaria many years of collecting and research have resulted in a number of publications. Some of these are devoted to subjects that had previously been completely neglected by scholars in this field.
We would like to share our expertise and enthusiasm for content and form with you: from the ABC of the Flitscherl to the weighty standard work on the history of traditional costumes or the Buch der Gürtel (Book of Belts).

Most »Gedruckte Liebaberstücke« (Collectors Items) can be purchased at the Centre for Traditional Costume. The prices are final prices plus shipping costs. If you are interested, please send us an e-mail to info@zentrum-trachtengewand.de. Works marked out of print can be consulted in our library. Sometimes these titles are also offered antiquarian.

  • TRACHT IST MODE (German only)

    A lavishly designed standard work on the subject of traditional costume: 372 pages with rich text and image contributions on the origin, development and processing as well as topicality of traditional costume fashion. (This publication from 2002 is out of print and may be available in antiquarian bookshops).


    Catalogue of the fashion show »Tracht ist Mode« in autumn 2002 at the Circus Krone Bau. 150 models presented a synopsis of many years of research by the Centre for Traditional Costume under the direction of Alexander Karl Wandinger. (This publication is out of print and may be available in antiquarian bookshops).

  • DAS BUCH DER GÜRTEL (German only)

    This monograph, with mostly colour full-page illustrations throughout, is considered a standard work on the history of men's and women's belts in Bavaria, Austria and Tyrol. Hardcover, 336 pages, 400 illustrations, published in 2008. Available from the Centre for Traditional Costume, price 119 euros.

  • WEITERBLÄTTERN (German only)

    This 29-page catalogue presents a collection of 15 women's and men's models. (This publication from 2008 is out of print and may be available in antiquarian bookshops).

  • RÜSCHEN (German only)

    A basic work on making ruffles with numerous instructions. Published 2012, 156 pages, 431 illustrations. Available from the Centre for Traditional Costume, price 34 euros.

  • LIEBHABERSTÜCKE (Collectors' items, German only)

    Catalogue of the Trachten-Kontor, beautifully illustrated, with high-quality product illustrations and in-depth essays. 5 issues, 246 pages in total, in stylishly designed folder. (This publication is out of print).

  • FLITSCHERL (German & English)

    Two booklets in one: Viewpoints in a picture book and Notes in an Abecedarium. (This publication from 2006 is out of print).

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